The J-wear

The road to launching
our J-wear collecion
started with you
– the client

You told us that you wanted to be part of a
more environmentally friendly world, but

without compromising on style and quality.

Parent company Jalin Design has years of experience in delivering elevated bespoke uniforms for luxury hotels and resorts around the world – garments that are fit for purpose. They are more than just uniforms – they make a statement.

Founders Jason Lurie and Lindy Kursten have long been exploring how they can introduce greater sustainability into their business, while maintaining the high standards and level of creativity expected by our clients. J-wear is the result.

J-wear is the
first of its kind

We have developed the most innovative
high-performance fabrics with the smallest environmental impact, so our clients will be able to invest in employee fashion that helps sustain people and planet.

Jason Lurie & Lindy Kursten
– Founders of J-wear

isn’t a trend
It’s essential

our mission is to
challenge & innovate

Exploring new ideas and technologies that can help 

reduce environmental impacts on the planet.

Whether that is working with our trusted partners to develop new fabrics or sourcing sustainable fibres, our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint at every stage of manufacture.


J-WEAR are donating
to just one tree

We need more trees. Trees clean our air and water, absorb pollutants, provide a home for wildlife and prevent flooding. Just One Tree is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to help combat climate change by planting the right trees in the right place.

J-wear customers can join us in our mission to make a difference by making a donation too.

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